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I am well into my fourth year of teaching online poetry courses for UniversalClass.com! The courses I teach are Poetry 101: The Way We Word and To Market, To Market: Publishing Poetry.

Here is the course description for Poetry 101:

Through a series of six lessons, we look at the essential tools for creating a poem: imagery, metaphor, sound, rhythm, rhyme, and form. Each lesson expands upon the previous lesson to show the interconnectivity of these essential tools. The focus is less on poetic terms than on processes; hence, students will apply these tools to poems of their own creation. These poems, in turn, will be workshopped by other members of the course.

And here's the course description for To Market:

In the course of five lessons, we cover the hows and whys of publishing; how to prepare poems for submission; how to write a cover letter; how to find and choose appropriate markets, both print and online; how to tell the difference between legitimate and questionable markets; how to find and choose poetry contests and calls for anthologies; how and why to track submissions and publications; when to sign a contract; how to produce a chapbook; how to put together a manuscript; and which options to consider for publishing a book. ''To Market, To Market: Publishing Poetry'' is not a workshop for critiquing poetry; it is a publishing and marketing clinic. This course, however, may be taken concurrently with ''Poetry 101," which does focus on writing poetry.

In addition, I offer a course called Poetry Revision Techniques, a one-on-one tutorial in which students learn various techniques for revising poems, including specific lessons in line breaks, stanza breaks, voice, phrasing, and what I call "re:vision." This course is taught completely through email, and it includes critiques to guide students through the revision of five poems, one for each lesson. Lessons and poems are delivered and discussed through email. For information, contact me, or to sign up now, click the PayPal logo below:

Here are a few unsolicited comments from recent students:

"I have been very impressed with your class. You are an excellent teacher. I have learned alot from your class. People have made several comments about how much my poetry has improved. I know that it's because of what I've learned in your class. Thank you so much for being here for all of us." Cindy Zilinek

"I have had, in one form or another, eleven creative writing teachers/workshop leaders. And you have been the best teacher of them all. Your insights and the time you give to your students are simply phenomenal. Whatever you're getting paid, it isn't enough..." Mark Cohen

"Everyone is noticing the difference in my writing. It's because of what your classes have taught me. I stand amazed at the teachings in these lessons." Doris Covington

"I'm learning so much, things I've never considered when writing poems. I thought I would come in using old poems I had previously written, but find I am forced, by the topic or subject matter, to write new poems. I think this is great!" Linda Hayes

"I really appreciate your effort, and especially all of your kind, motiviating, constructive criticism." John Vick

"I probably have every poetry writing book known to man--and Scott's lessons are better than any of my books--by far." Kathleen McCormick

Am I thrilled to hear such remarks? You bet!

I also occasionally teach public workshops, including a version of To Market, To Market: Publishing Poetry and Jump-Start Your Poetic Engines. Both are reasonably priced half-day workshops geared toward working poets. Email me for further information, costs, and travel expenses: