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There are, of course, literally thousands of sites devoted to all aspects of poetry--and also to specific poets--not to mention the thousands of personal poetry sites and poetry ezines that seem to be proliferating at a phenomenal rate. These are some of the more "general" sites that I find myself returning to more than others for finding poems, utilizing writing tools, and getting information on publishing. I hope you find them useful. (If you notice a link that's no longer valid, please let me know--and if you know of an essential link that I'm missing here, please email me the information!)


Poetry Links--Poems

Academy of American Poets
This is a wonderful site, in which you can find the full text of over 1200 poems (such as Keats' "To Autumn"), some with audio. Lots of other poetry information on the main page as well.

American Poems
Similar to Bartleby.com, this site also allows a search for specific poems or poets, only these are all American.

Atlantic Online Poetry
A great source for modern poetry, much of it read aloud by the poets themselves!

Very cool online site that allows you to search for verse online (as well as fiction and non-fiction), providing full text! (Strong British and pre-20th century emphasis)

British Poetry 1780-1910
Another source for online poetry--the real "classics" of Brit Lit.

Favorite Poem Project
Poems, videos, and lesson plans celebrating poetry's role in American lives, based on a program begun by Robert Pinsky.

Japanese Haiku Masters
This site presents an amazing number of links and resources on haiku in general and its masters--Basho, Buson, Ikkyu, Issa, and Shiki.

Library of Congress Poetry
Poetry news and webcasts under the auspices of the Library of Congress.

Modern American Poetry
Not so much poems, but fascinating background on modern poets and essays on their poems. Very cool!

Enormous database of poems--over 48,000 from over 6000 poets!

Poems and Poetry.com
Over 30,000 poems from over 2000 classic poets, searchable by author or topic (e.g., death, friendship, etc.).

An online but limited version of long-running "Poetry" magazine, including archives.

Poetry Archives
This site is a wonderful source for poems by over 150 "classical" poets, antiquity through early 20th century.

Poetry Daily
An entertaining way to read a poem a day! This site also has a sign-up for their weekly newsletter, another fine way to see what kinds of work poets are doing.

Poetry International Web
A worldwide forum for poetry, including hundreds of poems by modern poets from around the world--in the original language AND English.

Poetry 180
This site contains "a poem a day for American high schools," as selected by former Poet Laureate Billy Collins--great modern work!

Poets' Corner
A large collection of British and American poems pre-1923 (i.e., no longer under copyright).

Representative Poetry Online
Strong collection of poetry (heavily British, 18th-19th century) with many search options--and a great link to Canadian poets.

Webliography: Poetry
Weblinks to the poetry and the study of hundreds of American, British, and world poets--organized by time periods and "schools."

The Writer's Almanac
Similar to "Poetry Daily," this site features a new poem every day--many in RealAudio format--an online version of Garrison Keillor's Minnesota Public Radio program.

Poetry Links--Writing Tools

Course Junction
A great list of courses available on writing--both "live" and online, including my own!

The Critical Poet
This site is a forum for both posting poems for various levels of critique, to read archived poems, or to join in discussions on various poetic subjects.

The Frugal Poet
An online "workshoppe" for both poetry and prose.

Glossary of Poetic Terms
A site which features pronunciations, examples, and quotations for many of the terms used in poetry.

Guide to Grammar and Writing
Excellent site to refresh the rules of grammar---look under the "Word and Sentence" level for lessons on phrases, clauses, verbals, and any number of grammatical topics.

Homework Help: Poetry
Though it's designed with students in mind, this site has some interesting links--to poems (including audio and visual ones), publishers, contests, and forms. Warning: it also has some annoying "pop-up" ads.

Poetry Magic
With over 250,000 words, Poetry Magic bills itself as a "resource centre for the theory and craft of writing poetry." Lots of useful info here!

Poetry Portal
A true "portal" to sites devoted to poetry--online poetry, events, courses, styles, themes, poets in focus, and publishing!

Poetry Today Online
A brief guide with links to online poetry workshops and bulletin boards.

Fast rhyming dictionary that allows you to find multi-syllabic rhymes for words.

Rhyming Dictionary and Thesaurus
A very quick way to find the perfect word to rhyme with thesaurus (brontosaurus? Greek chorus?)--or any word!

Sonnet Central
An amazing archive of English sonnets, commentary, relevant web links, and all things sonnet!

WriteExpress Online Rhyming Dictionary
An online rhyming dictionary allowing for nonconventional rhyme (front-end, double, etc.) searches.

A Yahoo! group that provides information to writers on marketing, management, and technical aspects of writing.


Poetry Links--Publishing

Creative Communication
Information on poetry contests (geared towards teachers, it seems).

Directory of Poetry Publishers
Order information for this book from Dustbooks.

InterBoard Poetry Competitions
Poetry contests that are free and easy to enter online.

National Federation of State Poetry Societies
A great place for the beginning poet.

Alphabetical list of links to literary magazines that publish poetry.

Poetry Links at drowningman.net
Links with guidelines to mostly print and university publications that publish poetry.

Poetry Publishers Who Accept Email Submissions
Links to poetry publishers, print and online, who accept email submissions.

Poets & Writers Online
This is the premier place for more experienced poets to find information on publishing. You can also sign-up for the P&W e-newsletter!

Poet's Market 2006 (writersdigest.com)
Information on the latest edition of Poet's Market, an essential!

Resources for Literary Journals
A list of literary journals with links and a ranking of their difficulty.

Lots of information on poetry contests--both good and bad.

Writers' Digest
A good place to find information on writing of all types, though primarily for beginners.